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Who needs words when a picture's worth a thousand — or rather, a roadmap to your first $10,000?

How many items do you need to sell to reach $10,000? $10,000

Step 1: Set a big, but doable goal

Achievable goals drive action. Your destination's a product empire, but you'll want to plan stops along the way. $10,000 in 1 year is big, but doable. Let's break it down…

At this price…
You need… sales
You need… Subscribers
10% conversion to purchase
*high, but achievable!
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    You wanna talk? Let's talk about it!

    Product launches got you down?

    It’s no wonder, really! It's 2024 and it seems like everybody and their dog – or cat, were equal opportunity pet enviers here – is launching something: SaaS, ebooks, courses, memberships, events, paid frameworks and libraries. We're simply surrounded by product.

    And everybody seems to be crushing it.

    At least… everybody else.

    Nothing to Huge Launch?

    How is it, exactly, that those folks are out there crowing about their numbers on Twitter and IndieHackers, while others (like you?) struggle to make even a single sale?

    How do those people burst onto the scene with new products and hit the jackpot, seemingly out of nowhere?

    And why hasn't it happened for you?

    At least… not yet.

    Amy Hoy

    Hi there. I'm Amy Hoy and I'm here to help you unf*ck your aspirations.

    I'm a designer and web developer turned entrepreneur, and I've helped hundreds of creative people just like you build and launch a product that sells.

    I've seen every mistake in the book — and, lemme tell ya, the book ain't that long. We all fail in predictable ways, including me. But there’s one particular failure mode that looms above all others…

    ouch, here comes a painful truth…

    Why do some succeed where others fail?

    Sitting down? Comfy? OK. Because here comes the hurt:

    Those successful people? They really do have something you don’t.

    But — don’t close this tab! — they’re not born with it. And that means you can get your hot little hands on that something for yourself.

    And. That thing?

    It’s not what you think.

    Their advantage isn’t fame, or connections… a lot of those folks are equally as famous & connected as you are. And it's not just skill; a lot of those seemingly overnight successes aren't as good at their jobs as you are. It’s certainly not confidence or fanatic execution; lots of folks toil away for years on one thing that never quite… gels.

    Have you spotted it yet? The secret? It's in a word I've used four times already:

    seems like everybody and their dog

    everybody seems to be crushing it

    hit the jackpot, seemingly out of nowhere

    seemingly overnight success

    That's it. That's the secret. Things are not what they seem.

    Those surprise overnight successes aren't really overnight, and they’re not really surprises. You just haven't been privy to the entire unfolding of events.

    There’s so much groundwork you haven't seen.

    When you break out your magnifying glass and look, really look, at the complete path a successful person has taken, here's what you will find:

    Actual Actual Success

    A million other little successes growing, accumulating, and stacking over time.

    Huzzah, here comes great news!

    You can create the advantages you need

    Down below the showy architecture of every public success, there is an invisible foundation that makes it all possible.

    That successful person could be you.

    You can build that foundation for yourself.

    And I'm here to show you how.

    Thats why you should sign up to get my completely free, designed-to-the-nth-degree Launch•FTW roadmap.

    “Thanks for the motivation! I’m following your Launch•FTW roadmap and I published my first content today. I got over 1,000 reads and it's still increasing.”
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    Get your launch plan straight to your inbox

    The Launch•FTW framework is like no other.

    Did I mention it's absolutely free?

    100% FREE

    Get your Launch•FTW roadmap

    15-page guide, calendar & free email course to help you execute

      here’s a sneak preview of what you’ll get

      Your launch plan

      Design, Build, Launch, Ship… in 12 Weeks $10,000 Prepare to win Execute: Content, Subs, Launch, Product

      And that's just the overview!

      Here's a peek at how you'll implement it:


      Still here? Yet still not convinced?

      If you take away just one thing…

      Look, I’m not going to try all that hard to sell you on Launch•FTW. It’s free. Take it or leave it!

      But I do want to sell you on the mindset that’ll change your life:

      Going from zero to your first product dollar is the most challenging, and the most lucrative, work you'll ever do.

      Your first dollar

      That's right: the most powerful thing you can do for your future is to make it to your very first sale to a perfect stranger.

      That's it!

      You don't need a novel business model, the perfect go-to-market strategy, a 5-year product roadmap, or even a napkin plan to spin your first little product into an empire. Those things are nice to have, don't get me wrong. But they come after.

      First, you've gotta make your first sale.

      Why? Not because of the actual dollar amount; you could absolutely make more, faster, in your existing career.

      No, that very first dollar is so crucial because of power.

      The most difficult leap in business isn't $1 to $100, or $100 to $1,000, or even $1,000 to $100,000 and beyond. Nope… it's the ground between $0 and $1 where you'll find the field littered with the metaphorical bones of those who came before you.

      Once you've made that first sale — even just one! — you'll have already cleared the most dangerous hurdle, and kickstarted the positive feedback loop that leads to more.

      That's why I designed the Launch•FTW framework to help you drop all the unnecessary “entrepreneur” baggage and get your butt to that first product dollar quickly.

      Do it with me, or without me, it doesn’t matter in the end… as long as you’re willing to do what it takes to get it done.

      Of course, it’s a lot easier to do it with concrete, step-by-step help.

      And when you decide you want that… I’m here for you.

      Onwards and upwards… launch for the win!

      Amy Hoy Amy Hoy
      CEO, Noko Time Tracking
      Chief Trouble Maker, Stacking the Bricks
      100% FREE

      Get your Launch•FTW roadmap

      15-page guide, calendar & free email course to help you execute
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