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Year of Hustle
$0 to $10k in 12 Weeks

Hi I'm Amy Hoy. In 2008, I made exactly $0 in product revenue.

One year later, in 2009, my products made $85,000.

10 years later, my products earn over a million dollars every year.

Work smart, and it’s not hard to hit five figures… in a year… on the side. The trick is to break everything down into achievable chunks. Don’t aim for $1 mil. Don’t aim for a blockbuster. Aim for five figures ($10k) and hit that target. Then pick a bigger one.

You can make your first $10k with just 127 sales. That’s less than 11 sales a month!

Today, my products gross $1m/year. All because I declared 2009 my Year of Hustle.

Will this year be your Year of Hustle?

My Year of Hustle Roadmap will help you every step of the way.

Join 10,000+ fellow bootstrappers in the journey to their first $10k in product sales.

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