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Time is, bar none, the biggest roadblock most bootstrappers face.

Or… the biggest roadblock they think they face.

If you read too many startup blogs, you may find yourself unconsciously infected by the idea that you have to save up a big wad of cash, quit your day job, and grind balls to the wall on your product during a 3-6 month “runway”… and if you don’t earn a replacement income by the end of that time, you failed.

Sounds risky, doesn’t it?

Now consider our alternative: carve out just 8 hours a week to dedicate to building your product business from scratch. 8 hours a week to follow the steps and processes that you learned in this series, and ship your first Tiny Product in 3 months.

8 hours a week, on the side, so you can maintain your income and your sanity.

All you have to do is find 8 hours a week.

Except, there’s that old aphorism that goes, “you don’t find time…you make time.” Well, that’s true…but that pithy quip doesn’t really tell you you how.

If you don’t have those time management skills yet — or know where to experiment — we have put together a handy dandy how-to guide to help you reclaim hidden, wasted time from right under your nose.

Our guide is built to help you execute three types of time-making approaches: elimination, optimization, and delegation.

Applied, the techniques in this guide can help you make 8 hours a week (and potentially more) to use for building your product biz. That’s all you really need.


Wondering what this has to do with Buffy the Vampire Slayer? You’ll have to read the guide to find out!

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P.S. Bonus points if you read it now and tell us…

What’s one thing you’ll eliminate, optimize, or delegate? And how will that help you take the next step in your business?