What’s it really like to start selling products instead of your time?

Our friend Mojca Zove of Super Spicy Media left her job and started her own successful media consultancy.

Now she's making the challenging transition from selling her Facebook Ad consulting services to selling her own educational products. Follow along as she changes gears with the help of Amy and Alex.

Season One Episode Guide

  1. Why is Mojca “Changing Gears?”
  2. The Best Way to Help Your Audience
  3. Balancing Client Work with Long Term Goals
  4. How to Write Great Marketing Content
  5. Too Many Emails?
  6. What’s a good conversion rate?
  7. Disappointed by my launch results
  8. How to recover from a failed launch
  9. The Identity Change
  10. How I got my confidence back
  11. Business Coaching Supercut
  12. Everybody gets a teardown

Season Two Episode Guide

  1. Don’t hold the wheel too tight
  2. …and more episodes to come!

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