Your shipment of fail has arrived

“It’s almost done, I just need to add this one more thing…”

Whooooooa there. When you teach designers & developers to bootstrap their own product businesses, as I do, that’s a phrase you’ll hear a lot — and you’ll come to hear it (as I do) as the sound of a shotgun being removed from a cabinet, loaded, cocked, and fired into the foot of the potential of the person saying it. Boom.

The insidious fantasy of “Done” is that…

  1. perfection is possible
  2. perfection means it can’t be rejected

In reality, no plan survives contact with the enemy. (Sub “enemy” with “real live customers and the universe at large.”)

“Done” is a mental trick people use to avoid reality. “If it’s not done, I don’t have to launch. If I don’t launch, I can’t fail.”

Except, of course, that not launching is failure. The most preventable kind.

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