Less than 2 weeks ago, Ruby developer Pat Maddox’s rent was due. He had quit his job some time before. He had no audience or mailing list, no products…

But he did have one thing: He had a pile of hard-earned Sales Safari research, thanks to his time in our 30x500 Product Launch Class.

So instead of hunting for a new gig, he put that Safari data to work. He started writing, helping, sharing…

2 weeks later, Pat’s added over 1000 subscribers (and growing!) to his mailing list.

And he used those free mailing list signups to drive over $3,000 of business to his newly launched RubySteps. Yep, you read that right — 10 days ago, Pat had $0 in product revenue. Now, after his very first launch ever, he’s got $3,000.


Oh, and that’s RECURRING revenue, the holy grail of bootstrapping.

Now, Pat’s not famous. He’s never run a product business before. He’s not The World’s Foremost Expert. He is, however, somebody with the skills to create, who studied his customer base (with our process), then executed.




Good questions. In this in-depth interview, Pat shares a day by day account of exactly how he’s executed 30x500 techniques, including Sales Safari and dropping ebombs to launch and grow his business:

Stacking the Bricks Podcast EP1 - How Pat Maddox went from 0 subscribers to over $3k MRR in 10 days
45 min

PS: Thanks to the traffic to this post, Pat has re-opened the founding member deal to you, our reader/listener, until Friday.

How can you get started from nothing?

Good news: If you’re a designer, developer, trainer, writer… you already have the skills you need to be able to create a product.

Bad news: Without the right set of business skills, chances are very high that you’ll create something “cool” that nobody will want to buy. Ouch.

Good news: You can learn the business stuff, just like Pat did. We’re here to help.

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