After 10 years of watching our friends start product businesses, 6 years of bootstrapping product businesses of our own, and 4 years teaching others how to do the same… we’ve seen just about everything.

And the main thing we’ve seen is failure. Lots and lots of preventable failure.

There are really, at heart, just 2 causes of failure:

#1: Doing nothing. Inaction is the #1 failure archetype.

#2: Doing the wrong thing. This is a distant second to doing nothing, but worse because of the energy & time wasted.

Alex and I have spent years working on strategies to help our students do more, faster, and better.

And today, we want to give you a running start. So we took the most actionable lessons and turned them into a 7 part email series.

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Our 7-part email course is designed to help you kick your own ass into gear… and spend your energy on the right things.

By the end of this series, you’ll learn…

  • How you can go from zero to your first Tiny Product in 90 days
  • Why an idea is a terrible thing to base a business on
  • Why you should blame flight attendants for your (ineffective) selling style
  • And the right way to go about pitching a product… before it even exists!
  • How customer interviews are actually filling your brain - and your business - with bad data
  • Why being an “internet nobody” is no barrier to starting a business the 30x500 way
  • The way to avoid a launch that nobody cares about

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PS: Hi there!

In case we haven’t officially met, we’re your hosts, Amy Hoy and Alex Hillman. We’re product makers, business bootstrappers, and most of all, straight-shooters. That’s right, this is a rare bullshit-free zone in the world of starting your own business.

There’s a LOT to explore here on Stacking the Bricks. We have no-nonsense advice about getting started, raw numbers from behind the scenes of Freckle and other 30x500 alumni, and special videos like “Stacking the Bricks” which has been watched thousands of times.

And… our email course is designed to give you the best of the best, in order, without any extra effort from you.

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