cat in a top hat

Suddenly, we’re receiving a lot more – and a lot more interesting – emails from Noko Time Tracking customers.

I don’t know if it’s the Daylight Savings, the fall colors, or the cool weather that’s triggering it… either way, I like it.

Here are two of my faves:

Kittens with Top Hats… What, No Monocles?

Now your site might be the girliest thing I’ve ever clicked through but at least it’s pretty and it makes sense. I half expect a kitten wearing a top hat to pop up and serve me a cupcake when I log in but I’m sure you’re saving that for the next version.

Note to self: Put the kibosh on kitten-with-top-hat plans. They’ve seen it coming.

Awwww, My Heart, It is Warmed

And sometimes emails are just so sweet:

In the past six months I’ve gone from working full-time on a county psychiatric crisis team and following a strict meditation schedule as a resident priest at a meditation center to living in a foreign country with no schedules at all while starting an Internet-based business. From intense external structure seventeen hours a day to none.

Before I found Noko I could not figure out what the hell I was doing with my time!

It helps keep my morale up because it makes my work visible. It keeps me honest because when I have the timer on I really just do the type of work I’m timing. So I work in a more efficient way and I can see how long it really takes to do certain tasks.

Noko is pretty so I like using it and reviewing what I’m doing with my time. I have to admit I’ve been tracking almost everything I do with Noko. In addition to work, I track meditation hours, running and yoga.

Thank you for such a great tool. Noko has helped me see how hard I really work and this lets me take time off.

I love Noko!

Ones like this, I try to save to read later. You know, whenever I feel like what I do doesn’t matter, or that I don’t really wanna do it.

How could I continue to mope after reading something like that?

This is the best part of making products that help people.

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