Are you a procrastinator? Do you have a list of unfinished (or unstarted) projects as long as your arm?

Don’t feel bad about it. Do something about it.

People often marvel at the amount of shit I manage to get done. Me! With a part-time effort, because I am so often ill and juggling two or three things at once anyway. Me! Who spent the first 24 years of my life never finishing anything that wasn’t forced on me by the terror of deadlines.

That’s right, yours truly — the author of Just Fucking Ship — used to be an inveterate procrastinator. I could ship work and projects for other people, but when it came to shipping my own things… I was the worst. SO. BAD. I had so many plans and I did nothing with them at all.

Then… I had a shipping epiphany. I decided to change. I’ve never looked back. My life is completely different today than it was 7 years ago, when this story took place. And yes, it’s better. So much better. Everything I have today came from this experience, this decision.

It’s been a long time since I told that story.

Let me tell it to you now.

Stacking the Bricks Podcast EP4 - Shipping is a skill
10 min

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Hungry for more? This is just a tiny excerpt from a longer interview hosted by our alum (and friend!) Sean Fioritto, for his series Github Ghost-towns.

The full length interview at the bottom of his post is well worth a listen.

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