This is a horror story.

This is a story about the lurking, creeping horror of killer copy. Not the good kind of “killer” — no, not dope or sick or totally bad — but the kind that murders your ambitions in their cradle.

Spoilers: This horror story has a happy ending. And if you watch on, you are going to learn how to gird your loins and save yourself, too. And you’ll also get an unheard-of opportunity to put Alex’s & my copywriting expertise to work on your sales page… and help out an amazing cause, at the same time.

A story of doom…and redemption

Below is a video case study of killer copywriting — and the hard work to save it!

Step by step, you’ll learn how to spot the micro problems (word choice, verb choice, sentence structure) and macro problems (structure, flow, order, content choice) — and how to do it right.

killer copywriting slides

You’ll also learn the 3 parts of a successful pitch, and the formula to put them together. Nowhere else will you find such a systematic and learnable way to write compelling copy.

NOTE: The ultra special one-time offer is now over. Sorry about that.

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How do I know my system produces results?

All of the success of my students…and naturally my own recorded results, when I rewrote a landing page and boosted conversion rates 2.4x.

Want to see the whoooole thing?

I could only fit snippets into the video, cuz, well, pixels, and also time.

Here’s the complete “killer” old version. (Sorry that it’s an image, the web archive I saved didn’t work properly.)

Here’s the new, revised version — thanks to the copywriting bootcamp I gave Felicia, and all the work she put into it.


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