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“Launch Day” is a toxic phrase. It’s all backwards.

NASA, after all, doesn’t decide which date they’re going to launch the rocket and then the day approaches and just BAM! There goes the rocket, and that’s that, they’re all done.

There’s always a countdown

There’s a countdown the day of (T-Minus 10, 9, 8…). And months before that, they start a different type of countdown, of all the things that need to happen to get that rocket off the ground. (And there’s lots of stuff that goes on after liftoff, too.)

Successful launches aren’t about a single day

Even though that’s what fits the happy lil montage in our heads (set to Eye of the Tiger, natch — or perhaps The Final Countdown), launch isn’t about putting something online.

Launch is really about coordination – and coordination requires preparation. (And your launch isn’t so much about coordinating with yourself/your team as it is about coordinating with your [potential] customers. Buying/selling is a team effort; it takes two to transact.)

Of course, we’re not rocket scientists…

But take this Launch Roundtable business, as an example closer to home.

Did I do a full-on Amy Hoy Launch Sequence™? Nope – for reasons I’ll reveal to you, if you attend. But did I just email you out of the blue and say “Hey, here’s this thing, buy your ticket right now?” Nope, I did a lot more than that:

  • I posted on my blog a couple days before.
  • I emailed my list the day before.
  • I emailed my list before I opened the doors.
  • Then I emailed my list again.
  • Then I sent this blog post as an email ;)

This is what works. 53% of tickets sold out in the first 24 hours alone.

Now, that’s no fluke

Alex has been pre-interviewing our guest speakers:

  • Brennan Dunn, who launched his fourth product
  • Brandon Savage, who launched his second
  • Chris Hartjes, who launched his first, following the 30x500 rules

Last night, I was reading the transcripts. (We believe in preparation!) They’re full of gold.

Like: How far out did Brennan start his launch process? 3 months. He started in December, and launched in March. His launch sequence included emails, blog posts, and presales.

How far out did Brandon start his launch process for his ebook? 10 days. Emails and blog posts, again.

Chris, too, started ahead of his actual launch day.

Why? And what? And how? And when? Then what happened?

And can you really “launch” a product after it’s already been online, available for sale?

These are the questions you’ll learn the answers to, if you attend our Launch Roundtable on April 7, 2013!

Remember, it’s internet only, so you can attend in your pj’s. It’ll be from 12 noon to 3 pm Eastern time.

Not only will you learn the answers to these questions, and have the chance to ask your own…you’ll also:

  • get a peek inside each of these launch processes
  • see Brennan’s, Brandon’s, and Chris’ exact launch emails and blog posts
  • see their detailed timelines, with dates for each pre-launch/launch content
  • learn how they built up their launch list
  • not to mention see detailed sales numbers, broken down over time

You’ll also get a text transcript and video recording of the event, to read/watch again at your leisure!

Wanna learn how to launch, and save $20?

Now’s a great time to register! Early bird pricing runs out this Friday!

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See you there :)

PS – We WILL be selling the videos afterwards, as well, but for the same price! Think of the live experience is a free bonus!

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