Struggling to grow your audience? Enjoy this very special guest post from Mojca, the star and creator of our Youtube Series Changing Gears.

If you want to sell educational products, you need a quality audience that’s ready to open their wallets and buy. Fact.

But building an audience is difficult. Building a quality one even more so.

I know that because a lead magnet I launched in 2014 for best-performing Instagram hashtags (back then, I was still developing social media strategies for all platforms) attracted hundreds of people within a few days.

However, the amount of sales I made from that audience in five years since is precisely — you guessed it — zero.

And when I was opening enrollment for my Facebook Ads course a few months ago, I thought I needed a special strategy, a secret tactic JUST FOR ME that will help me get quality leads consistently. I was craving for a fun-to-do growth hack, something that will attract thousands of people on the first try.

Sweet dreams, Mojca.

Building a good audience requires consistent work. The kind of work people call “repetitive and boring”. I was among those people who avoided that repetition like plague.

But Amy and Alex quickly pointed out that there’s no magic dust I can scatter over my webpage in hopes of getting new quality leads. I just need to stop neglecting my existing audience, and simply put in the “boring” work.

The equation is simple:


Proven “boring” tactics are the ultimate growth hack

At this point, I decided to move forward with the tested-and-proven tactic of launching a new lead magnet that solved a very specific problem my audience struggled with.

Now, look at this graph and guess at which point I launched it.


Looking back, I find it crazy how a boring tactic like this performed so well. As you can see, my audience has been growing ever since.

However, I didn’t stop there.

I wanted my Facebook Group to grow as well. Avoiding the sleazy growth-hacking tactics, I simply included the invitation to the group in one of the emails in the sequence they received after downloading the lead magnet.

Look what happened.


So here’s your weekly reminder that consistent work and showing up every day is the ultimate growth hack.

No special strategies developed just for your unique business. No dubious marketing techniques that make you question the whole marketing community.

All you really need to do is the actual work of following the evergreen principles of LISTENING to your audience, PUBLICLY helping them solve the problems they’re experiencing by publishing blog posts, newsletters, lead magnets.

And doing that OVER and OVER again.

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