A few weeks back I recorded a new, live podcast and Q&A with our friend Janelle Allen.

Today, it’s live for you to listen!


NB: Janelle is one of our faaaaaavorite podcast interviewers out there, and we’ve both been on her show in the past: Amy, talking about preselling courses, and me, talking about how we designed our flagship course 30x500)

This new episode is different. Instead of a retrospective, it’s more of a snapshot of how we’re making decisions in our businesses right now.

“Finding a ‘Hidden Option C’ seems hard when the world isn’t coming apart at the seams - doing it now seems even harder. But it’s exactly what many of us need to do most.”

  • Me, on Janelle latest podcast episode.

While talking with Janelle, I shared concrete examples from our internet-based businesses and what we’re currently working on; I also adds some examples from my brick-and-mortar coworking business.

Also unusual for a podcast is a Q&A with some audience members at the end, since this episode was recorded live! There’s no pitch at the end, just more helpful answers and examples.

If you like this conversation, we recommend checking out more from Janelle’s podcast archives. She’s one of us!

Enjoy, and stay safe.

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