Amy and I have been working together since 2009 to teach and share what we’ve learned building our businesses with others who want the same kind of freedom of building and selling things on their own terms.

We’ve done it so many ways: free articles, podcasts, and talks. Paid courses, books, live events, our own conference, and (occasionally) 1-1 coaching and support. We’ve helped thousands of people get started building their own product business, on their own terms.

But all of the stories we have to share deserve a bit of skepticism, because for the most part, they’re all post-hoc.

It’s easy to look back on history and tell the story we want to tell. A lot of earliest blogging and writing was done “in the moment” so it’s a lot more accurate than reflective retellings, but the view into what it’s actually like (including the messy mistakes and course corrections along the way) is limited.

And try as we might, we can never fully replicate the experience of being a newb.

Can’t step in the newb river twice, etc, etc, thanks Heraclitus, u nailed it boo.

When we demonstrate a technique or peel back the curtain on something we’re working on, we are always operating with a combined 2+ decades of experience behind us. True, coaching and teaching keeps us fresh. And, of course, Sales Safari is a power tool for keeping current with what folks like you are struggling with today.

But it’s not the same.

So people say, “Sure, it’s easy for you to say, you have all these advantages.” Even though the advice we give giving them will help them create those advantages for themselves, the same way we did.

They just can’t see themselves in what we are doing.

So we lose them.

Maybe we’ve lost you?

Maybe not entirely — maybe just sometimes you find yourself thinking, “That’s all well and good, but it seems so far away.” It’s so much less stressful to read another blog post, reload Twitter, or watch another unboxing video.

I see you, I hear you, and I understand.

So…we’re trying something new! A brand spankin’ new video series, created by and starring our friend Mojca Zove.

Mojca is an expert in creating and deploying facebook ads. She’s making the shift from serving clients (where she juggles up to 10 at a time, zoinks) to selling a range of products to help business owners run their own ads, and other consultants get their clients better results.

But she’s not there yet.

She’s starting from the ground up. And she’s documenting every part of it! Successes, of course, but also mistakes, and even the (totally normal) inner turmoil that comes from doing something so new.

Amy and I are offering her feedback and guidance, but we’re not doing any of the work. Our audience is not her audience. Our skills are not her skills. The advantages she’s got are the ones she’s made for herself.

It’s all down to Mojca.

Each week, she shares snips from her coaching calls, responds and reacts to our coaching, and gives you an honest look at what it’s really like to make this kind of change to her business. And it’s not all sunshine and lollipops.

The first episodes of Changing Gears are already live, and new ones will continue weekly!

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