1. How will you come up with a workable product idea?

How do you come up with a fantastic product idea? Better yet - how do you come up with lots of product ideas, so you never get stuck trying to make it work when it’s not working?

Tell me if you’ve ever seen a more systematic approach. And this is just the introductory lesson. The next 3 lessons dig deep into every single step. You never have to be “inspired” again.

Note: This lesson comes late in the class - after you have learned to find your audience, read their minds, build your list, and figure out what they need, want and are ready to buy.

2. How do you create (free) marketing content that will drive list growth and sales?

Ebombs are actionable, educational content marketing — the best way of growing a list full of potential buyers, full stop.

When you ebomb, you don’t just build a list — you build an audience who knows you know how to help them. And that opens wallets.

3. What’s wrong with Lean Startup and Customer Development?

Or — why does 30x500 even exist? (Psst! Because the existing systems suck!)

This isn’t a lesson from 30x500, but it’s the raison d’être. And offers you an overview of the 30x500 approach. Research first!