The internet is full of hand-wavy advice.

Not even bad advice, necessarily, but vague. The kind of advice that makes perfect sense in the moment, that makes you FEEL good, but then when you sit down to actually try it yourself… *Pffft!* Nothing comes out.

How do you actually do it? You don’t know. They didn’t say.

Nothing kills your momentum like realizing that an important step wasn’t explained:

  • What happens if your great idea turns out to be a dud? Pivot? To what?
  • What happens if you can’t come up with blog post topics your audience cares about? Keep trying til something sticks? How do you even know where to start?
  • What happens if you can’t imagine your “ideal customer”? What if you get stuck staring at the blank spaces on your “avatar” sheet? What if you’re wrong about what they think and want?

The more you try to implement it, the more you realize just how much “advice” is USELESSLY vague.

Even seemingly straightforward instructions like “write one blog post per week to build your audience” sound good… unless you aren’t sure what the heck to write about, or how to figure it out.

Should you just keep writing about topics until something sticks?

What happens when one topic finally takes off…will you know how to replicate that success?

Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Advice that makes you FEEL good is the worst, sneakiest kind of advice because while you get a hit of those chemicals in your brain that say “nice job!” — you’re left with that hangover-like feeling of stuckness because you haven’t done anything yet.

What’s why we’re obsessed with helping you have tiny wins

Take a look at this result in Google for “how to deal with writer’s block”:

How to deal with writer's block \- Google Search

Even if none of it is BAD advice, do you see how vague it is?

Now, if you’re on our newsletter or picked up a copy of Just Fucking Ship, you already have a sense of how we do things differently. Even after a totally free webinar on Procrastination, we hear things like this:

“That was probably one of the best effing conference calls I’ve EVER been on. THANK YOU!” Usually, these online classes have vague, rah-rah info that could have been lifted from anywhere that end with a thinly veiled sales pitch. This one was fantabulous. It gives me hope on so many levels.”

And in our class 30x500 Academy, specificity is the name of the game. As far as we’ve been able to find, we’re the only business class that gives you each and every concrete step along the way. You still have to put in the work, of course, but we’ve erased every bit of hand-wavy advice in favor of actionable, process-oriented awesomeness.

We’re giving you an entire video lesson directly from the new 30x500 Academy. Free!

This lesson will help you learn to create the very simplest kind of Ebomb - an Ebomb that literally anybody reading this site is capable of creating. And this 11 minute video should give you a taste of how we use examples, processes and systems throughout the class.

This is also just one of DOZENS of videos that build on each other. 30x500 Academy also includes specific instructions on how to come up with endless Ebomb topics, Ebomb formats, Ebomb sharing strategy, and more.

Click play below to watch this lesson

And if you’re worried about getting stuck writing boring Q&A posts until the end of time…we have step-by-step instructions on using the same research to create tons of kinds, including:

Virtual Hot Seat\: How good are your ebomb topics\?

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