You don't need an MBA or fancy investors to be successful in business.

Use the 100 ideas in this tiny book to evaluate and execute on your built-in advantages, to play the Long Game of Business, and to build your own business that lasts.

Written by Alex Hillman
Foreword by Nilofer Merchant

#1 Bestseller in Small Business, #1 New Release in Small Business, #4 Bestsellerin Startups
“Wherever you are in the process of starting a business—regardless of size or industry—stop. Read this book.”

Katel LeDû
CEO, A Book Apart
“...contains the most value per word of any business book I've ever read. By far.”

Louis Nicholls
Creator, Sales for Founders
“You'll finish this book in one night, but the lessons will last you for a lifetime.”

David Dylan Thomas
Author of Design for Cognitive Bias
“Alex pushes past common misconceptions to get to the counter-intuitive heart of the matter. This book is filled with these hearts.”

Geoff DiMasi
Founder and Partner, P'unk Ave
“The Tiny MBA gave me a different perspective on what it really means to start a business.”

Nadya Primak
Game developer
“This is the best modern business book I’ve read this year.”

Andrew Kamphey
Founder, Influence Weekly

What I really want to drive home about this book is something that most experienced business people won't say out loud:

There is no single right way to do things in business.

Instead, The Tiny MBA offers 100 pointed pieces of guidance that will help you begin to think like someone who has started and run their own business for 15 years, and who intends to keep doing it for a long time.

Each page of the book offers ideas and prompts and clues and suggestions and reflections to help you navigate business in ways that most people only learn the hard way. Some pages reference some of my favorite books and articles that you can read to go even deeper.

My "back of the book" promise to you: if you dip into this book once every few months (easy since it’s just 30 minutes to read), or even once a year, you’ll find something new to chew on every single time.

“...full of little insights that made me stop and think, and even more that I made a note to take action on.”

Dave Ceddia
Author, Pure React
“...the a culmination of every important piece of advice that you wish someone had told you when jumping into entrepreneurship.”

Lauren Tilghman
Communications Specialist

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This pocket-sized book of bite-sized lessons includes topics like:

  • Sales, and Why People Buy
  • Money and Success Psychology
  • Branding and Marketing
  • Professional Decision Making
  • Investment, Scaling, and Hiring
  • Dealing with Clients, Customers, Partners, and Competition
  • How to Play The Long Game
  • ...and Much Much More

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About the Author

Alex Hillman

👋 Hi, I'm Alex Hillman.

In 2006 I co-founded Indy Hall, Philadelphia’s first coworking space, which also helped kickstart the coworking boom that has exploded today.

Since 2009, I've been running this site aka Stacking the Bricks with my friend and biz partner Amy Hoy, where we teach creative people how to bootstrap their own businesses.

I live in Philadelphia with my wife and friends. I love food, travel, red wine or whiskey, and karaoke. You can follow me on Twitter.

More Reviews and Testimonials

It’s an extremely fast read, but it leaves you with stuff to think about for days and even weeks to follow. It strips away any excuses or delusions you have about business, but without condescension. In fact it is one of the more encouraging books I have read on the subject of starting a business. It gives you a reality check and a push in the right direction, which is exactly what I needed.

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“This is a business book that fully embodies a community construct.”

Nilofer Merchant
TED speaker, author, executive
“This is one of those books that give you the perspective you need to grow, no matter where you are on your journey.”

Nick DeJesus
Software Engineer + Tech Educator
“...a single, huggable little compendium of ideas that will trigger thoughts you can use on your own business journey.”

Brian Ball
Co-founder App Zapper
“It took me until the 10th page to realize I'd taken a screenshot of EVERY page. EVERY page makes you THINK.”

Brendan Hufford
SEO For the Rest of Us

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