Since these were filmed back in 2013, Alex and I have DRAMATICALLY improved the way we teach Sales Safari. We’ve systematized it out the wazoo. And every one of our alumni will tell you: it really works.

In (the newer, awesomer) 30x500, you learn how to:

  • identify good sources of data
  • identify the first level of pain (obvious)
  • identify the second level of pain (why is this even being talked about? what’s the core here? why do they care?)
  • turn that, using a handy dandy process, into what people want (their dream)…
  • and, via the same process, brainstorm many product concepts based on this
  • and also, same research again, come up with marketing content that the audience will go crazy for (read, use, share)
  • and how to use that to bootstrap your very first product

Again, it’s infinitely more step-by-step and clear in the new class. :)

But, there’s still great stuff in this old video. It’s still a more detailed approach than you’ll find anywhere else.

This video demonstrates the level of Safari research that I used to create Freckle and my other products which have made plenty of money. The newer systematized Safari is easier to learn, faster to implement, and faster to get results… but the old way still works!

Imagine this on systematized steroids and you’ll get the idea.

Enjoy the show… and let me know how you’ll make use of it!

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