Unicornfree Facebook Stats 2010

NB: This article is rather old so the numbers are outdated… but the rules are eternal!

Why, hello there. Do you plan to subscribe to my RSS feed? If so, you might be the one that tips me over the ginormously important 2,000 subscriber mark.

I’m so excited to crest that magical number. Soon I will be awash in riches and cabana boys!

Because it’s nothing at all to sell shit when you’re famous, right? All you have to do is crook your little finger and your 2,000 True Fans come a-runnin’, wallets outstretched.

Ahhh, Not Quite…

Reality, as it turns out, is a little bit more nuanced.

Is it easier to sell things when you have an audience of tens thousands, rather than an audience of tens? Yes. No. Maybe. It depends.

The Weblebrity Litmus Test

As Professor Cosmo has taught us, wherever there is nuance, there are hackneyed quizzes to stamp it out. Here’s one for you to help you analyze the value of your audience (or potential audience):

What Type of Internet Famewhore are You?

  • Is your audience a coherent group audience
  • …or a group of unique & beautiful snowflakes — the only thing they hold in common is you?
  • Do they trust you?
  • Do they follow you for humor value, old-style celebrity (you’re just… famous)…
  • …or out of interest in your work/skills/thoughts/involvement in things/hobbies?
  • Are you selling them something they want?
  • Do they buy things like the thing you’re selling?
  • Do you have any clue how to sell effectively?
  • Do you annoy them with your commerciality…
  • …or do they view your marketing activities as a lovely value-add?

If Your Fame Passes Muster…

Then it’s possible that your internet fame might actually help you sell shit! Hooray!

On the other hand, it might not. Fame is a fickle beast. It’s not pixie dust.

You can’t just sprinkle a thousand followers on your product and expect success.

True story: I’ve known Gary Vee for years now. A few times, he’s done me the favor of pimping one of my products to his audience… of nearly a million followers. And each time, it had no measurable effect whatsoever.

What to Do Instead of Seeking Fame

Fame can help – but only if it’s high quality fame, and under specific circumstances, and used properly. That’s an awful lot of conditionals.

The facts are in: A lack of fame is not the barrier you think it is.

Remember: It’s taken me over nearly 18 months to get to 1,900 subscribers. Folks may call me “internet famous,” but the facts are not quite so expansive. Thing is, even with <2,000 subscribers, I’m still having a grand old time living off income from my products. I’m not Richie Rich, but I’m doing just fine.

So take it from me: stop worrying about fame. Stop fetishizing numbers.

Don’t wait for your 15 minutes. Act now. Get out there and write, teach, share, make and sell awesome stuff.

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