When’s the last time you completed on an open-ended task with no true deadline?

That means:

No external human reinforcement – punishment or reward – coming from a boss, a client, a teacher, a parent, a family member, a community, or a friend.

No impending do-or-die imposed by the calendar (like a live event, a meeting, or a contractual obligation).

If you’re like most of the folks who create for a living, your answer is probably “Not recently.” or “Gee, I don’t remember.” Or maybe it’s even “Never.”

This is a problem.

This intrinsic goal-tending is one of the core skills you’ve just got to have in order to succeed at creating your own baconbiz.

Without this skill, you’ll never be able to:

  • build a product on the side
  • engage in ongoing marketing
  • grow your feature set / product basket, except in response to customer demands…
  • …determine your own future

You’ll always be waiting for something to force you. You’ll always be hunting for somebody to make you. You’ll always be looking for a boss.

So if you haven’t got experience defining, speccing, and finishing open-ended tasks without a true deadline, you better start now.

Pick a side project this week to build your intrinsic goal-tending skills.

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