Last time we talked about the most freeing of all lessons: All the ways you can suck and still succeed. (With a brief detour into all the ways that I suck and still succeed. Cuz I’m all about dat #authenticity.)

If you missed it, I HIGHLY recommend you read it now before we proceed.

Because the all importance of that one, magical thing leads to today’s question:

How do you create a product people will actually WANT to buy?

Keyword: Want. Desire. Long for. The kind of product that makes your would-be customers squeal with excitement, buy with pleasure, and spread the word just because.

Because you got that one thing right.

Because they feel like you made it just for them.

Well, if that’s the experience you’re going for… the answer to the question can’t be “have a great idea and hope it works.” And it’s not “lean startup.” And it’s not “customer interviews.”

You’ll need to understand your audience so deeply you can speak their language, anticipate their needs, and predict their reactions.

And that is something you can learn to do! Yes, you. No, you don’t have to be supernaturally in-tune with humanity. You don’t have to be an extrovert (god knows I’m not). You don’t have to “get out of the building.” And you don’t have to run endless “experiments” in the hopes that one, just one, will work.

Over the past 8 years, I’ve designed and refined a nearly foolproof method you can learn to read your customers’ minds.

And I’ve outlined the whole process for you in this video:

How do you create a product people want to buy\? screenshot

And yes, this kicks off the official launch of the next 30x500!

We’ll be opening the doors on March 6th. And the early bird discount will end March 8th.

As the article alongside the video explains, you’ve got two great ways to learn all the skills you need to research, design, market, and sell your good news product:

  1. 30x500 Course + Bootcamp — perfect for you if you’re a busy professional who wants to hit the ground hard, fast, and ready for action (with a day of live feedback from me + Alex)
  2. 30x500 Course only — perfect for you if you’re looking to ease into it, do things exclusively at your own pace, or get started more cheaply

Both packages come with lifetime access to the lessons, and the alumni community (where Alex and I pop in regularly), along with a year of monthly events like teardowns and challenges :)

The early bird discount will end March 8th, so if you’ve got questions, don’t hesitate to hit reply… get em answered now, before we launch, so you can be informed and ready! :)

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PPS: I planned to include some kind of testimonial here from newer alums about building their lists, launching their products, the joy of making their first sales, or how much money they’ve made over the past 6 months (it’s just good sales practice, you know).

But you know what’s better than all cold, hard numbers? The reason those numbers matter: