Newsflash: Lean Startup and Customer Development are inherently broken. If you ask me, the whole process is functionally bankrupt. Why? Let me answer your question with a pair of questions:

  • Why do you create good things… but nobody buys?
  • Worse: Why do you feel the thrill of a great idea, then get stuck before you even finish the damn thing?

In short: Why all the struggle? And why do people worship the struggle?

This lil video I made walks you through the problem, and the solution. It’s only 13 minutes. It could just be the 13 minutes that’ll end the idea-fail cycle for you forever.

(Hate video/got a commute? Listen to the lesson on episode #10 of our podcast).

Watched it? Good! Read on…

Convinced by the power of research?

Especially research you can do quietly, in the comfort of your own home, in your PJs, without any weird or confrontational or faux-nice-nice “interviews”?

There’s plenty of information right here in our big list of articles that you can use to get started. There are hundreds of posts and resources, in fact. (Plus so many videos and scads of interviews over the years.)

You can dive in, read it all, start working on your own… and spend years trying to get great results.

Or you can dramatically speed up the process and avoid common pitfalls with our class, 30x500.

You can benefit not only from my super nerdy obsession with (inventing) research methods, but also from the years and years of experience Alex and I racked up learning how to teach it in the most effective way. And all the years we have worked with students, helped them, coached them.

Plus, of course, you’ll learn our concrete, step-by-step processes for using that research to reach your audience, build your list, come up with more salable product concepts than you could ever use, sell, and launch.

The next 30x500 launches this May.

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