What’s it like to develop and launch the Creative Atom of your product in 24 hours?

And then, after the initial thrill and sales bump wears off… what do you do to keep it going?

Here’s my live, as-it-happened journal while I developed the first version of JFS in 24 hours: 24-Hour Product Challenge

Three-day update: I wrote an ebook in 24 hours. Now what?

One-week update: 24-hour book, 1 week later — sales, time, next steps

Nine days update (with a price increase!): I'm about to JFS a price increase

Six month update: The 24-Hour Book Challenge — A Six Month Update

Working on a permanent launch cycle: Anatomy of a Launch

Alex writes about creating useful feedback loop after launch with automatic email triggers and a question.

Questions about comprehensiveness and feature creep: Should I support PDF, epub, AND mobi?

Podcast with a student case study: EP26 - Don't wait 18 months