Stacking the Bricks Podcast EP10 - Why do people worship the struggle of entrepreneurship? And how to avoid it.
13 min

In this episode…

Newsflash: Lean Startup and Customer Development are inherently broken.

If you ask me, the whole process is functionally bankrupt. Why? Let me answer your question with a pair of questions:

Why do you create good things… but nobody buys?

Worse: Why do you feel the thrill of a great idea, then get stuck before you even finish the damn thing?

In short: Why all the struggle? And why do people worship the struggle?

This lil mini-episode I made walks you through the problem, and the solution. It’s only 13 minutes. It could just be the 13 minutes that’ll end the idea-fail cycle for you forever. This mini-episode is from a video that appears here, if you'd like to "see" what Amy is talking about:

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