Stacking the Bricks Podcast EP12 - "I'm shipping ebombs, now what?" - From Pain to Product with Nick Piegari
43 min

In this episode…

Click here to watch the video of the ebomb that you hear in the intro of this episode ->

ebomb, n -
our special 30x500 term for "actionable educational content marketing". Yeah, cuz that's a mouthful. So drop a knowledge bomb on 'em. Ebomb 'em.

Sooo… you've got some Sales Safari data, you've got some quality ebombs under your belt, now what?

  • How big should your ebombs be?
  • What if it feels like you're exhausting a small watering hole?
  • How do you go from ebombing to a product?
  • What thing should you try, if your ebombs aren't getting great traffic or signups?
  • What's the best way to open up (and sell) a (free) ebomb?
  • When's the right time to start on the product, anyway?
  • Ummm soooo… if you hear things over and over in the watering holes, what do you do with it?
  • What if the pros in your audience… uh… aren't in love with you?
  • How is it actually kind of magical and productive to be annoying?

These are all topics we talk about in our newest "Pain to Product" coaching session with Nick Piegari from Fixing Your Video. Since taking 30x500, he's been doing Sales Safari and using the results to create great video ebombs!

He actually made us a special "pop-up-video" version, just for you, that includes all of the elements of Sales Safari that went into creating the ebomb – pains, dreams, fixes, worldviews, and more. P.S. VH1 please don't sue us, or Nick.

If you remember back to our last coaching session with our friend Amanda (not a 30x500 student… yet?), we worked with her at the very beginning of the 30x500 process. Nick's further along — by a lot! — so we can dig into the meatier issues that you'll need to tackle once you're in motion.

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