Stacking the Bricks Podcast EP22 - How to make an offer they can't refuse (Outreach Masterclass with Kai Davis)
41 min

In this episode…

When Kai Davis sends you an email, there's a good chance he's asking for something. Amazingly...he does it without looking like a total jerkface. Is he some sort of wizard of persuasion? No, no. He has a process.

Kai is an outreach consultant - which we'll let him describe in this "live masterclass."

But you're going to want to listen to this episode because unlike prior Masterclasses where Amy and I coached one of our students, Kai is actually coaching ME (Alex) through building an outreach strategy to get our new Year of Hustle Roadmap in front of new audiences.

Let Kai break it down one step at a time - and then you can use these strategies next time you're trying to get a guest spot on someone's blog or podcast, get a testimonial, or simply ask a colleague for a favor.

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