Stacking the Bricks Podcast EP23 - "Everything will get easier if..." (Part 1 of a series)
30 min

In this episode…

2015 was the best ever for Amy's SaaS business Freckle, with $625k of gross receipts, and so far we’re on track to hit close to $800k annual run rate (ARR) before this year is out. Those are some big numbers, but we didn’t start out there, and it hasn’t been all smooth sailing.

In this episode we talk about the first of Five things I wish I’d known when I started Freckle, things that would have made my life so much more profitable and pleasurable.

Up first is "There is always another inflection point coming" aka the myth that "everything gets easier when..."

In this episode, we cover:

  • Why this original article seemed to catch on like wildfire
  • How to avoid post-launch depression
  • Ways to keep making money until your SaaS is paying the bills
  • Amy's favorite acorn squash recipe & Rudy's Rutabaga Rule
  • ...and a lot more

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