Stacking the Bricks Podcast EP4 - Shipping is a skill
10 min

In this episode…

Are you a procrastinator?

Don't feel bad about it - DO something about it.

On this show, you’re going to be hearing a short story from my business partner and co-host Amy Hoy admit something....there was a time when she wasn’t so great at shipping. That's right, the author of Just Fucking Ship used to be a serial procrastinator.

As she describes, "I could ship work and projects for other people - bosses, clients - but when it came to shipping my own things I was the worst." Amy goes on to describe the sequence of events that snapped her out of her nasty habit and started her down the path of shipping, including the story behind one of her most famous projects and how it helped her career.

This episode is just a tiny excerpt from a longer interview hosted by one of our friends and alumni, Sean Fioritto, who has been writing a series called “Github Ghost-towns” where he’s been talking about all of those side projects that we spin up…and then leave to rot.

You know what I’m talking about. ;)

The FULL LENGTH interview with Sean is action-packed with stories and advice from Amy and I, including a bunch of tips that we use every day to make sure we keep shipping the products and ebombs that you all seem to love so much.

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